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Pals Notes

Cub Scout Meeting

April 12, 2006

*Tamie called the meeting to order.

*The secretary’s report was not handed out. It is currently available on-line and will be in the future as well.

*Shannon gave the treasurer’s report. We have $1159.82 in the general fund, $1459.83 in the kids’ accounts, and $1169.95 in the derby fund.

*Tamie discussed camp info. She thanked the leaders for helping to get the camp info and registrations distributed and collected. Becky offered to be the pack leader for the day camp. The Ed Bryant overnight camp’s registration deadline is April 24th.

*The second chance popcorn orders and monies are due now! Get them to Tamie. Maria made a motion to disburse the profits from this popcorn sale the same as the fall sale. Sixty percent of the profit will go to the pack general funds, and forty percent will go to the individual accounts. The motion was seconded by Sue. Motion passed. There are no prizes with the second chance popcorn, and the gross profit is 39%.

*The Lions Club have approached us about our pack picking up garbage at the grade. They proposed that we can do this once a month during the months of May to Sept. Each time that we do it, they will donate $100 to our pack. We can do this every month or some months. The choice is ours. They estimate that it will take us 1 to 2 hours each month. Those present at the meeting voiced some concerns for safety and potential scheduling conflicts. Becky made a motion to perform the clean up all five months through the Lions club per checking into necessary safety precautions. Sue seconded the motion. All agreed. Motion passed. Tentative dates were scheduled as follows: May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, Aug. 12th, and Sept, 16th. Each date is a Saturday and will begin at nine o’clock in the morning.

*Our spring graduation ceremony is scheduled for May 8th. Various locations were discussed, and it was decided to try to have it at the McKenzie center at six o’clock. We will do a potluck of cookies, bars, snacks, etc. The Tigers will perform the opening and closing ceremonies.

*The Baraboo Heritage Days are scheduled for May 19-21. The Cub Scouts are invited on Sat. May 20. Please see Tamie for more info.

*There is an invite to a Scout day at Six Flags. See Tamie for more info.

*Becky discussed the Spring Recruitment. It is scheduled for Thurs, April 27th. This Join Scouts Night will be held at the school at six thirty. Additional hands are needed to help with set up at six o’clock. The boys should be in uniform, and they are welcome to wear their brag vests. Please bring a snack for afterwards. See Becky with any questions.

*Scout Out Days is being put on by the Baraboo Troop on May 6th at 1:15 at the Ringley Theatre. The show is Second Hand Lions. Entry for a scout in uniform is a food pantry donation and a $1 suggested donation. Please see Becky with any questions.

*Becky also discussed the local Military Support Group. They will meet Tues.., April 18th at their monthly meeting. They assemble care packages for oversees military members, and they could use extra hands. They meet at the school cafeteria at 7:00 and welcome any scouts who would like to lend a hand.

*Sue talked about the Poynette Community Garden. Although all plots are reserved this year, perhaps the scouts could put in borders around the central garden as an activity. No decision was made regarding this activity.

*Gary talked about the proposed pack budget. He has received very little feedback--one positive and one negative comment. This budget does not allow for a storage unit unless additional funds come in to cover it. Gary made a motion to accept the budget as it currently stands with amendments for the lack of a storage unit and for an increase in award money. This budget is to run until September 2006. Sue seconded the motion. All agreed.

*Tamie adjourned the meeting.

Attendance: Tamie, Becky, Sue, Gary, Maria, Renee, Beth, and Shannon.



Cub Scout Meeting

March 8, 2006

*Dave called the meeting to order.

*The secretary’s report was handed out. Tamie asked if there were questions with it. There were none.

*Shannon gave the treasurer’s report. We have $1853.24 in the general fund, $1900.93 in the kids’ accounts, and $276.01 in the derby fund. Shannon asked if everyone can please remember to talk to her or Gary before making purchases where reimbursement is expected. Also, it remains important to have an approximate cost for these purchases before they are approved. In addition, if we can have these receipts presented to us in a timely fashion, it will be easier to continue to allot funds. A question was asked if the Poynette Fire Department will be contributing a donation. In past years, they have given Pack 368 a $500 contribution. This remains uncertain for this year. There is a new person at the Fire Dept. who is in charge of this. Tamie is going on Thursday, March 9, to request funds.

*Gary talked about the preliminary pack budget. This is currently an even balance. Gary went through the numbers briefly. There are some optional items in the proposed budget. A storage unit at $350/year was discussed, but is not currently included. Please look over these numbers and bring any questions or concerns to the next parent meeting or to Gary via e-mail. Sue motioned to table the budget for further review. Dave seconded the motion.

Old Business:

*Dave-Rain gutter regatta--This is on the schedule for the April pack meeting, April 17th. We will need Monday the 10th to build them. We currently have twenty boat kids in our inventory. Since the Weblos will be crossing over before the event, we only need to purchase three more kits at $3.50 each. We will also need funds for patches for those participating. Maria donated the use of sawhorses, and Sue donated the use of gutters. Maria made a motion to approve the expense of approximately $35 to come from the general fund. Gary seconded the motion. All agreed.

*Sue handed out the final numbers from the derby hot dog fundraiser. Our gross sales totaled $245.55 (after taking out $50 start up money). This included drinks, chips, hot dogs, and bake sale items. The food expenses totaled $45.71, which brought our final profit to $199.84.

*Becky discussed Spring Recruitment Week, which is April 17-21. She suggested having the boys bring a friend to the rain gutter regatta as part of the recruitment. On 4-27-06 we will have a sign up night at the school cafeteria to start at 6:30. Set up will be at 6:00, and sign up should take approximately one hour. Also, the Baraboo scout troop has invited our pack to participate in their spring movie night. The date is May 6th at the Baraboo movie theater in the afternoon. Entrance is free to scouts in uniform if they bring a can good for donation. If interested, see Becky for more info.

New Business:

*Tamie talked briefly about upcoming camp info. She has compiled a binder with all of the camp info. It is available to parents at weekly meetings. Please feel free to look through this. She requested that leaders please let their parents know about this. Also, we are required to register for these events as a pack rather than individually.

*Tamie discussed Second Chance popcorn. She will head up this fundraiser, and stressed that we really need this fundraiser for the pack. It starts this month. There will be no prizes for sales, and the profit to the pack is 39%, which will be split between boys’ accounts and the pack fund. There will be no show and deliver--take orders only.

*Dave-Cubmobile Derby. Most of the supplies are being donated, but we will need a few things as well as storage for the finished cub mobiles.

*There will be no meeting on April 3rd since there is no school that day.

Den updates:

*Roger talked about the upcoming Arrow of Light Ceremony to be held on March 20th. A dance team will be coming in. He will be presenting the Weblos’ awards during the ceremony. This will be followed by the Crossover Ceremony with refreshments to follow. The Weblos will handle the refreshments.

*Becky discussed the Scouting for Food dates. April 1st will be the bag distribution, and the pick up date will be April 8th. We will be working with the Boy Scouts. Presently, we are not sure if they will be requiring our help for bag pick up. There will be more info to come.

*Dave motioned to adjourn, and Maria seconded the motion.

Attendance: Dave, Tamie, Becky, Sue, Gary, Paul, Roger, Tim, Maria, and Shannon.



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